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Box up your Love

Rs. 600.00
Get a perfect cute little gift. A pretty box with bow which has string of your memories. Unbox a flurry of pictures. This box comes in different colours and prints. After booking we take pictures from you in a google drive within 24 hours of booking and tada the product is ready. INCLUSIONS: Box of 15 pictures Delivered to your...

Message Bottles

Rs. 750.00
How interesting it was when the pirates found a treasure map in a bottle? Gift 5 tiny bottles with photos, messages, and special dates to your loved ones. Your messages will be written on tiny message scrolls. You can give 5 messages (one for each picture/bottle). The message can have a maximum of 8 words. This comes in a black...

Open When Letter

Rs. 700.00
We all know the feeling when our lover is far apart and we are upset/want love/are stressed. So gift this set of 5 letters to your loved one so that they never feel alone INCLUSIONS: open when you are stressed open when you miss me open when you are sad Open When You Need a Good Laugh. Open When You...

Bomb card

Rs. 650.00
As exciting as it sounds, it's not a real bomb. But when your loved one opens this box a cube with their picture on 4 sides and some confetti pop out of the box. It is like a real explosion but an explosion of confetti and lots of love. Go ahead and gift this unique personalized gift to your favorite...

Photo Coasters

Rs. 600.00
Photo coasters are always in!! Get these sweet Tile photo coasters for your loved one. These are made on tiles for that extra elegant look and not on foam. And to top that they have your favorite pictures with matt finish. INCLUSIONS: 4 Tiled photo coasters A personalized message card Delivered to your chosen address

Pet Rock

Rs. 990.00
Do you know a person who has always wanted to own a pet? But doesn't have time to feed it/bathe it/talk it to walks? Gift this stunningly cute pet rock to your loved one. Your loved one will never feel alone with a pet like this by his side. What more? You can even personalize this pet to add a...


Rs. 450.00
Always keep losing keys? or have tangled earphones? Get a cute ball holder to make your life simpler.  These funny and cute tennis ball holders keep your things in place and make for a unique decor item.  Once you make a booking 2 tennis balls with eyes and funky outfits will be delivered to you. These ball holders get stuck by vacuum on...

Beauty obssessed

Rs. 950.00
A small token of love for your favourite woman in the world. Gift this nail kit to your mother, best friend, sister, girlfriend or someone who really needs to take care of their nails.A complete kit for pretty nails packed in a beautiful jar with cute message note with it. It has the following:   A nail cutter A nail...

Photo Cut Out

Rs. 1,800.00
This is a cute gift for your special someone,you adore. The photo cut-out made from mdf wood with a sublimation print of the picture on it makes for a thoughtful keepsake gift for the receiver. This is available in a table top option and a laser cutting is done for the preciseness.  Your photo will be cropped as per dimension required,...