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Handcrafted with Love

24 Reasons I love You

Rs. 1,200.00
A cute file with 24 boxes and each box comes with a message. This is a perfect way to express your feelings and love. Write 24 reasons why you love someone and email us. We will put one in each box with a picture. Expressing love was never this beautiful and crafty INCLUSIONS: A file of 24 boxes 24 pictures...

The Fairy Jar

Rs. 1,100.00
This Cute Tinkerbell inspired lantern is a perfect gift for your dreamy friend. You can gift this to your friend/brother/sister who are upset and remind them that the day comes after night.  This lantern has some figures on each side and when you light up the candle inside it makes a shadow on the close by wall! Also add a personalized message...

Open When Letter

Rs. 700.00
We all know the feeling when our lover is far apart and we are upset/want love/are stressed. So gift this set of 5 letters to your loved one so that they never feel alone INCLUSIONS: open when you are stressed open when you miss me open when you are sad Open When You Need a Good Laugh. Open When You...

String Art Gift

Rs. 2,500.00
What could be better than a string art gift with a lot of pictures for your loved one? Be it mom/dad/girlfriend/boyfriend/sister/best friend. Gift this wooden plank board with name quilled in string art and Pictures. You can customise the Mom string art to any name of maximum 7 letters and add 12 pictures. This wall hanging makes for a beautiful...

Photo Coasters

Rs. 600.00
Photo coasters are always in!! Get these sweet Tile photo coasters for your loved one. These are made on tiles for that extra elegant look and not on foam. And to top that they have your favorite pictures with matt finish. INCLUSIONS: 4 Tiled photo coasters A personalized message card Delivered to your chosen address

Personalized Birthday Box

Rs. 900.00
Upcoming birthday of a special one? Gift them this customizable birthday card. Each picture in this card can be taken out and when reversed has a secret message written on it. Normally it looks like a photo collage but has secret messages behind every picture. Customize the message on the flap to Happy birthday/ Happy anniversary/ I miss you..... The gift...

Our Memories

Rs. 1,500.00
Celebrate togetherness with a box full of items that remind you of the beautiful time spent together. Gift this to your best friend on birthday or partner on anniversary. The box has a photo, a date, initials, a message, a tag (anniversary/birthday/best friend), names. You can also send a digital copy of something that means a lot to both of...

Mini Scrapbook

Rs. 550.00
A mini picture Album? Remind your best friend/bf/gf of all the sweet memories you have made together!! INCLUSIONS: A mini album with 10 postcard size pictures Delivered to your chosen address

Message Card

Rs. 450.00
A handmade card with 8 personalised messages inside 8 small envelopes on the front of the card. Open it and find your picture on the right side. The left side of the card is blank in case you think about adding something at the last minute or want to make it more personal. This card is a great way to...